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Health Friendly Furniture

2018-09-24 | Furniture Design

Health Friendly Furniture

Life is so static for most of us who have to sit in the office for hours and hours looking at the computer screen. The only part that moves in our body is probably the fingers as we continuously press buttons in our keyboard or the smart phone. India is known to be a country with highest number of heart attacks, as a result of high cholesterol, high pressure and many allied reasons but one common trail – lack of exercise, as one of the causes. Exercise not only keeps our body fit but also takes stress away as we breathe fresh air or meet and greet some friends on the way. Furniture designers have understood this need and are working on designs of seatings that are comforting the back, giving rest to our hands while our fingers are active on keyboards, supporting the neck and our posture etc.
Among the recent development is the executive table designed to adjust height as per requirement so that a person can stand and work rather than being bound to be sitting for long hours. FDT is sure that in the coming time we will see more developments in this field, wherein it might be a usual scene to see people working in different exercising positions. No more the usual way of sitting straight and in attention mode like school students! Ahaa… we know it sounds funny but we at FDT think that a little funny something would still be a better idea than ending up with a sick body!

MisterBrightLight is a sensor based work table where you can stand and work comfortably. The table is equipped with the latest gadgets and techniques and adjustable in height between 62cm/24inch (lowest) and 127cm/50inch (highest).


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