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Merino's Gloss Meister, High Gloss PU+ Panels

2018-09-24 | Furniture Design

Merino's Gloss Meister, High Gloss PU+ Panels

Its unmatched shine makes it the glossiest panel in the Indian market. A path-breaking technology that is bound to be a game changer is soon going to be customer's favorite choice and the most sought-after panel in the market.

This unique solution to the world of architecture and design allows customers to kill the dull in every space, creating decors that truly outshine the ordinary. It is not by coincidence that the Gloss Meister stands out from its variants, it is by design.

The magic of Gloss Meister High Gloss PU+ Panels lies in its manufacturing technology. The exclusive and superior level of gloss is achieved through a Special Poly Urethane (PU+) coating on melamine based Pre-laminated boards, which provides high abrasion resistance to the surface and enhances its durability. The process ensures that the advantages of both PU and Melamine surface get clubbed together to provide superior visual quality.

The Gloss level is further enhanced by Impressive Mirror Effect and excellent Depth of image effect. The result is a high-end panel that simply kills the dull and shines every space to perfection.


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