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Blum wins German Design Award 2016

2018-11-02 | Furniture Design

Blum's latest German design awards

Blum's latest German design awards bear testimony to the fact that the fittings manufacturer from Hoechst not only attaches importance to the functionality of its high-tech fittings, but also sets great store by the design of its hinges, lift systems and pull-outs. Three Blum products have just won the "German Design Award 2016 – Special Mention" for excellence in design.

Great demands are made on furniture fittings today. They have to deliver enhanced user convenience, work perfectly (for the furniture lifetime for Blum products) and merge in well with furniture interiors. The company's latest design awards are further proof that the fittings manufacturer from Hoechst, Austria, has again come up with innovative products that meet all these requirements. This time, however, Blum has pulled off a hat trick. Three of its products have been presented with the German Design Award 2016 in the category "kitchens".

The first award went to TIP-ON BLUMOTION, an inspiring combination of mechanical one-touch opening and soft and effortless closing. Blum's latest motion technology brings enhanced user convenience to handle-less furniture throughout the home. The second was awarded to the AVENTOS HK-XS stay lift. Thanks to its sleek, slim construction and metal finish, the fitting is ideal for small wall cabinets with little depth, e.g. small wall cabinets in kitchens or elsewhere in the home. And the last sought-after design award was presented to SERVO-DRIVE flex, Blum's electric opening support system for handle-less refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers. Fittings manufacturer Blum firmly believes that "excellence in design and function go hand in hand today".


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