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Petal Chair: Parametric Design Masterpiece of Wooden Furniture

2020-02-24 | Furniture Design

The Petal Chair

A quintessential combination of art and design, focused with the potential of innovative technology. The Petal Chair is a parametric design masterpiece, pushing the boundaries of how wooden furniture is interpreted. A pronounced natural wood texture engages the user to fully experience the product. A statement in itself, Petal was designed to be situated in outdoor spaces; best suiting in lounge areas in public places. Petal chair is designed around human anthropometry using various kinds of software to produce the organic shape and an efficient process of construction reducing wood wastage. 

Mr. Anish Uchil, Designer, Bram Wood Crafting Studio, Mysore shares with Furniture Design & Technology (FDT) the intricacies of the designing marvel.
Mr. Uchil shares, “Canadian Wood approached us for designing something to showcase their products. So we designed this Petal Chair and we were appreciated by all. We tried to make it as effective as possible and design differently to impress people. In this chair, the wood wastage was very less.”

Mr. Uchil  said,“This started with all computer generated drawings and the craftsmen finally designed the piece. It is very effective in terms of use and is ergonomically designed and shaped. The basic purpose of Petal chair is for lounges where you can relax and sit. We are trying to pitch it for airports and public places as a solid wood lounger. This also can be made as 3 axes and 5 axes by hand.” 



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