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Amidst coronovirus scare, stay fit by using home furniture for workouts

2020-03-25 | News & Updates

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At the time of coronavirus and self-quarantining, people are adopting new ways for fitness, in such a way you can use your home furniture for your workouts as well. But to use them, you must take some precautions as per your convenience. Find out how you can use furniture for fitness and workouts.

At the time of self quarantine at home due to COVID-19, Beds and chairs can also be used for fitness at home. You can work out and use your bed for doing basic leg lifts and other normal exercise. Few simple workout using these basic furniture will flex your ab muscles and you won’t even have to get out of bed!

You can use a sturdy chair that won’t strain under the pressure you’ll need to put on it. Start off by sitting right at the edge of the chair and placing your hands at the edge as well. Slide off the chair then bend your knees into a squatting position while your arms hold you up on the edge of the chair. Finally, lift yourself up until your elbows are straight, then squat again. Do this a couple of more times to give your triceps a good workout.


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