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Furniture Manufacturers created online hub to its members and industry

2020-04-01 | News & Updates

At this time of the Corona pandemic, many communities and organizations of the world are coming forward to help mankind. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to help people, many important steps are also being taken by industrial organizations worldwide. In line with this, British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) has launched an online information hub for its members, employees and workers, which will provide help to all in this time of corona emergency. Apart from this, people associated with the furniture and furnishing industry will also be able to get many kind of important information from this platforms.

Recently, The British Furniture Manufacturers also posted a tweet in this regards from its official handle @FurnitureMkrsCo and writes “BFM has created a guide for emergency financial support for furnishing industry workers”.

As per reports, BFM has created this online information hub to keep its members up to date with the latest industry developments. The site has been set up to house regular video briefings from the association, useful contacts and the latest guidance from Government and other sources. It also includes an area where members can upload information and share insight, experiences and raise questions with others in the industry.

“We are managing a constantly changing situation, with new developments coming at a rapid rate. By creating the online area, we can ensure members know where to go to access the latest information as quickly as possible. In the days, weeks and months ahead we will see many developments, and by bringing this portal together now, we will be able to disseminate the corresponding information effectively”, Said Nick Garratt, BFM’s MD, in media reports. 


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