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Lockdowns: Online orders increase 88% globally, furniture & furnishing also up

2020-04-02 | News & Updates

Lockdown and social distancing are currently being adopted by most countries to deal with the corona epidemic worldwide. At such a time, using online platform is the only option for anything needed at home. The trend around the world suggests that there has been a tremendous increase in online shopping due to lockdown in corona pandemic crisis. At this time of social distancing, people chose the online option to purchase items used in homes, due to which it is constantly increasing. 

According to global traffic analysis by Mapp, an international provider of insight-based customer engagement, by the end of March 2020, online order volumes had increased by 88% compared to the beginning of the year globally. Average order volumes in these product groups rose by a full 212% compared to the beginning of the year. The fact that the demand for tools and building materials is rising suggests that users are spending significantly more due to isolation.

As per report, there were also moderate increases in the furniture and furnishings (17%) and electronics (9%) sectors. These should be related to an increased demand for home office equipment. The fact that the number of orders for furniture and furnishings is pointing upwards, while the volume of shopping baskets is declining, points to increased purchases of decoration and home accessories. There was also a clear upward trend in toys and cosmetic products, with orders rising by an average of 90% and 64% respectively. 

Much of the change in digital shopping behaviour is now being driven by the pandemic. Between 1 January 2020 and 11 March 2020, purchases of several products have seen a significant jump in sales: 807% for hand sanitizers, gloves, masks and anti-bacterial sprays; 217% for over-the-counter drug purchases (cold, flu and pain relievers); 231% for toilet paper; and 87% for canned goods and shelf-stable items, said in report.  


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